Fresh Start E-course - Nourishing Joy
Fresh Start E-course - Nourishing Joy

Fresh Start E-course

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The Fresh Start e-course is your “reset button” and your mini-retreat to give you refreshment, clarity, and renewed vigor to take charge of your life and your home.
Do you ever get to the end of the day and collapse exhausted because you were so busy, yet feel like you have little to show for all your busyness?


Do feel like you’re constantly behind – a day late and a dollar short?

Do you wish you had more margin in your life so you could:

...have more time to serve,
...have more money to give,
...invest more in your family, on your health,
...or even just have time to sit and breathe?

If these are true for you, all you need is a Fresh Start!


What If You Could Feel on Top of Things this Year, Rather than Behind?

You love your family. You’re grateful for life. But life doesn’t seem to slow down or stop to give you time to catch your breath.

And even when you do feel on top of things, something always seems to come along that unseats you.

So you easily run out of time before you run out of goals and to-do’s. Your longings outpace you—not because you don’t work hard enough, but because you’re constantly getting derailed by interruptions and the to-do lists just keep piling up.

Everyday there feels like there’s something distracting you or screaming for your attention. You feel like you’re ruled by the “tyranny of the urgent.”

You want an energized, satisfying, purpose-filled life—not a frazzled, weary one. You want to be proactive, not reactive. In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself at being amazing at all the tasks on your plate, but that reality never seems to come to fruition.

What you really need is a fresh start – a new beginning, a reset button – so you can finally feel on top of things.


What This Course Includes

Through this 6-week course, you will:

  • get fresh vision for what’s important in YOUR life and chart a no-fail course for making things happen (Module 1)
  • learn how to make room for rest (Module 2)
  • discover how to feel healthy again: getting rid of sugar, sleep strategies, detoxing, etc (Module 3)
  • uncover strategies to consistently cook real food in real life (Module 4)
  • put in place effortless household management: family finances, chores, laundry, and systems that run themselves (Module 5)
  • plan out routines that work for YOU – morning, evening, after-school, etc – and discover how to keep the daily mishaps and detours from creating stress and chaos (Module 6)

…and more!


What You Get

  • Immediate access to the course dashboard with orientation materials
  • Access to all six modules, which you can work through at your own pace
  • Each module includes one audio podcast and related printable “Think Sheets” and workbooks to help you sketch, dream, and plan – and motivate you to follow through
  • LIFETIME access to the materials so can take the course again and again on your own schedule
  • LIFETIME updates - anytime we update the course, you get access

The course videos and materials can be accessed via any desktop computer, laptop computer, smartphone, or mobile device.

You can choose to print the Think Sheets or download them to your computer or phone.

With your purchase, you have lifetime access to the materials. You can begin it again at any time and you can go at your own pace - anytime you need a Fresh Start!


Not Sure if Fresh Start is for You?

Fresh Start isn’t for everyone – and while we don’t guarantee results, the program does work for anyone who is willing to put in the time to think and plan carefully, thoughtfully, and critically.

Modern life tends to be stressful and overwhelming. I am absolutely passionate about helping busy moms who feel stuck living in survival mode to get rid of the stress – and instead THRIVE by getting a fresh start on life so they can live with focus and intention and allow their own gifts to be used and valued.

I created this course because I long to break the myth that tells us if we just get ALL our ducks in order, life will somehow flow perfectly. That’s just not true!

Instead, if we systematically create a vision for our families, take control of the KNOWN repetitive tasks of family life (eating, cleaning, getting ready for school, financial planning, etc), and intentionally create daily time for rest and refreshment, we can better and more joyfully manage daily life, including the unpredictable-but-inevitable events that tend to make life feel utterly chaotic (sick or fussy kiddos, the perpetual lost shoes as you’re running out the door, unexpected financial issues, etc).

Also, HEADS-UP! The course is created using audio podcasts, so it’s great to listen to while you curl up with a hot drink or while you fold laundry. It was created this way intentionally, but if you cannot live without videos in a course, this course may frustrate you.

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