Plan your homeschool year with ease - and make your homeschool THRIVE!

Homeschool Planning Toolkit

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Plan your homeschool year with ease - and make your homeschool THRIVE!

This toolkit is designed to take all your notes and ideas and shape them into a systematic course of study for each of your students. Planning ahead helps your homeschool year go SO much more smoothly, and provides a safety net for YOU all year long, no matter how far things may wander off-track. This planner lays your foundation and provides all the tools you need to succeed!

What You Get

This toolkit includes:

  • 25 pages of printable planning sheets
  • 6 .doc files so that you can customize and drill down into your students' courses to your heart's content
  • a coupon code to download the Homeschool Teacher's Lesson Planner for free (usual price - $12)

And best of all, every single part of this toolkit can be used year after year!

How the Planning Toolkit Works

The toolkit includes:

  • Homeschool Vision & Idea Sheet
  • Course Vision, Scope & Sequence Sheet
  • Books and Materials Planner
  • Experiment and Activity Planner
  • Weekly Course Outline Planner
  • Yearly Master Planner per student - Elementary
  • Yearly Master Planner per student - Secondary
  • Yearly Master Planner per student - Blank
  • PLUS a coupon code to download the Homeschool Full-Year Teacher’s Lesson Planner absolutely free.

You will also receive customizable .doc files for all of these documents (except for the Teacher’s Planner, books planner, and experiment planner) so that you can do all your planning and designing inside a Word document instead of with pen and paper, if desired.

To use your planning tools:

1. Sketch out the big picture. Use the Vision & Idea Sheet to get your ideas and vision for the entire school year on paper. This will help you solidify what each student needs to study, decide on curriculum, make time for activities and field trips, and define what overarching vision needs to drive your homeschool this year.

2. Plan each subject for each student. Once you have your big ideas in place and have decided on which subjects each student will study, plan each course with the Course Vision, Scope & Sequence Sheet, as well as the Books & Materials Planner, if necessary.

3. Get specific. Decide how many weeks your school year will contain and decide when you will take your school breaks. These tools allow for up to 40 weeks of study. Once you’ve chosen your dates, take the general outline you created with the Scope & Sequence Sheet and divide all the lessons and assignments into weeks on the course-specific Weekly Course Outline Planner.

Alternatively, create a master planner for each student rather than each course. In this case, divide the lessons and assignments on to the student’s Yearly Planner in the appropriate column. This will allow you a bird’s-eye view of what each student will be working on at each point during the year. This is entirely flexible, of course!

Keep these documents close at hand all year long so that each week, you can look ahead and tailor the days and weeks according to each student’s need. You can plan each week ahead in your Teacher’s Planner, which has plenty of room for notes and details, as well as plan ahead for activities and experiments with the Experiment & Activity Planner that will help your students solidify and discover more about what they’re learning.


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