Super Simple Summer Meal Plan Bundle - Nourishing Joy
Super Simple Summer Meal Plan Bundle - Nourishing Joy

Super Simple Summer Meal Plan Bundle

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Summer is for spontaneous fun, rest, and refreshment, not for stressing over what to make for dinner. Take the stress out of cooking all summer long by using our easy-peasy summer meal plans!

So, what's in these meal plans?

This summer meal plan package includes the June, July, and August issues of The Tired & Hungry Cook's Companion, our year-round meal planning service. You'll get access to all three months right after checkout, so you can start printing and planning to your heart's content. :)

And honestly, these three months contain some of our FAVORITE simple summertime recipes. Here are just a few:

  •     Moroccan Beef with Minted Yogurt
  •     Blackberry Salmon & Asparagus
  •     Spaghetti Squash Caprese
  •     Greek Quinoa Salad
  •     Apple Bacon Swiss Grilled Cheese
  •     Thai Chicken Soup
  •     Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls
  •     Red, White & Blue Coconut Berry Trifle
  •     Greek Beef Kabobs
  •     Antipasto Platter
  •     Chocolate Breakfast Bread
  •     Granola Wedges

What makes our meal plans different?

Three things, really.

1. We create plans that flex with YOUR schedule. We lay out the menus by WEEK, then YOU choose which days each menu gets scheduled for. That way, when you want to head to the lake for the afternoon or you're juggling ever-changing softball tournament game times, you can relax knowing the quick, 15-minute Dread Day Dinner is already planned and prepped for whenever you choose to pile home.

2. The plans are designed for efficiency. I spent several years working in formal restaurants - and in those fast-paced, high-volume environments, there was no chance for success if everything wasn't prepped ahead of time. So I've transposed those professional kitchen skills into these meal plans - YOU choose when to prep and then cooking is a breeze.

Each week also includes one Dread Day Dinner, a dinner that can be ready to serve in under 15 minutes from walking in the door.

Aaaand, the meal plans are seamless, meaning that the months are designed to overlap so that your planning doesn't miss a beat, even if the month changes over in the middle of the week.

3. We focus on family, not just on food. The whole point of feeding your family well is not just to nourish their bodies, but to nourish JOY in your home. Whether that's laughing together around the dinner table or having extra time to do things together you enjoy, our meal plans are designed to help you be as efficient as possible with mealtime. And even beyond that, we also include one family activity and one theme dinner each month to help shake things up and do something together that's fun or unexpected.

And of course, I don't even need to mention that all recipes are entirely real food - that's true of everything at Nourishing Joy and of course extends to our meal plans.

I want your summer to be as smooth and free of stress as absolutely possible, and if there's ANYTHING I can do to help make that happen, I want to do it! Which is exactly why I'm making this summer package of meal plans available now. Snag these plans now and you'll be totally set all the way until school starts up again in the fall. Seriously! WAHOO!



I want to view the meal plans on my iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, or other mobile device. Is that possible?

Yes, typically. First download the meal plan file onto your computer from your member area or via the link that arrives in your e-mail, then transfer the file to your mobile device.

I am allergic to peanuts/tree nuts/strawberries/shellfish/eggs/soy and eat kosher/vegetarian/grain-free/dairy-free. Can I still use the meal plans?

Like all recipes at, the one criteria for our recipes is 100% real food and no industrially processed anything. That said, many of the recipes DO fit the above criteria, but they’re not created with that in mind, so not EVERY recipe will be grain-free or be kosher or whatever your specific need may be. Again, we aim to provide real food recipes that make it easy for families to not rely on boxed, canned, and processed ingredients, but to use fresh, easy-to-find ingredients.

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    cant wait to try them!

    I'm taking advantage of the tips as much as I can but as it's the middle of winter, I still have months ahead before I can try the recipes!