Essential Oil Binder

Essential Oil Binder

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You've been asking and waiting, and this power-packed binder is about to be available!

If you're new to essential oils or if you're serious about using essential oils WELL, this essential oil organizer and reference guide is an absolute MUST-HAVE.

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Why this Essential Oil Binder is an Essential Tool

A good essential oil binder must meet three criteria to be of long-term use:

1. Have plenty of space for customization. Your family has unique needs and you need a way to keep track of which essential oils you have on hand, what needs to be ordered, which oils have expired, and which recipes work well (and are safe) in your home.

2. Clearly organize copious amounts of information. There's so much to keep track of with essential oils, so you need each piece of information easy-to-find and at-a-glance.

3. Be a useful reference guide. Whether you're looking up the benefits of a certain oil or wanting to make sure you can use a particular oil with your pet, an essential oil binder should make it easy to use essential oils effectively and safely.

What You Get

All 200+ customizable pages in this binder are designed to be both elegant and ink-friendly. The cover and section dividers are provided in both full-color and ink-friendly versions.

  • Cover & spines
  • Essential oil cleaning recipes
  • Essential oil DIY beauty recipes
  • Fun essential oil recipes for kids
  • Essential oil recipes for cold & flu
  • Essential oil recipes for relaxation & wellness
  • Essential oil recipes for pets
  • Recipe cards to record your own favorite recipes
  • Dozens of reference charts for oil safety and oil uses, including shelf life, oil-specific topical dilution charts, and what to do in case of an adverse reaction
  • Essential oil terminology
  • Inventory logs for essential oils
  • Inventory logs for carrier oils
  • Full essential oil profiles for nearly 150 essential oils (even MORE info than in our Essential Oil Safety Cards)

This binder is the ULTIMATE essential oil reference for keeping track of your essential oils and for using them safely!

This is a DIGITAL product. It will be delivered as a PDF via email, which can be downloaded and printed on either a home printer or at a print shop.

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    Love Nourishing Joy!

    So much useful information, I look forward to my emails.

    Purchasing of the binder...and customer service.

    I commend you for a flawless process to make the ‘binder’ purchase. It only took a few minutes to complete necessary details such as name, address, and purchase options. Additionally, you promptly provided a receipt which was appreciated.

    I also commend you for excellent customer support and communication skills. I have submitted a few questions and, again, your prompt and professional responses and response time was refreshing.

    Thank you, and it is my pleasure to do business with you now and in the future!

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