Essential Oil Substitutions Guide
Essential Oil Substitutions Guide

Essential Oil Substitutions Guide

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The Essential Oil Substitutions Guide is a comprehensive, 50+ page printable to help you choose safe, effective alternatives to nearly any essential oil.

Whenever a recipe calls for an essential oil you don't have....

Whenever there's an essential oil that you don't really care for...

Whenever there's an essential oil you know isn't safe to use around your child, spouse, or pet...

...this guide is your comprehensive, ESSENTIAL solution.


How to use this Essential Oil Substitutions Guide?

Any time you don't have an essential oil that's called for in a recipe OR you want (or need) to avoid a particular essential oil, reach for this guide.

Look up the essential oil you want to substitute in the alphabetical list, then look at the other options listed based on your reasons for using the oil.

The guide lists multiple options for both aromatic and therapeutic substitutions and includes 125+ essential oils.

This guide is designed to help you choose the best essential oils for your specific needs, although specific safety information for each oil is not listed in this document. To look up oil-specific safety info, use the Essential Oil Binder.


This Guide contains the same information as the substitution charts in the comprehensive Essential Oil Binder.

This is a DIGITAL product. It will be delivered as a PDF via email, which can be downloaded and printed on either a home printer or at a print shop. Nothing will be shipped to you.

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    Great small business

    I had a problem downloading something i sent an email and very shortly after I received and answer email and the fix to my problem. I was really impressed.

    Barend P.
    Was looking for profiles and found it

    I must say I was searching for something like this for quite some time, at first I was unwilling to pay the R800 ZAR that this cost me but honestly it is worth the amount especially when the cards were added I will definitely consult the binder as all the info I require is in there


    A lot of helpful information that I will consult often.

    Sheri A.
    So Much Information!

    This is a great reference to have on hand! There is so much information and it is great to have it all in one place. Thank you for putting this together!

    Kelly L.
    Always great info!

    Kresha does a great job at compiling all the need to know info on EO! I appreciate her hard work and dedication to teaching all things oil.

    Vegas G.
    Substitution s Guide

    This guide is comprehensive and easy to navigate, worth every penny!

    Diane W.
    Wonderful Resource

    I love the EO Binder. Tons of information all in one place and at my fingertips. Thank you. Compiling all the data must have been a true labor of love.

    April B.
    Organized and Easy to Use

    I’ve just downloaded the binder and I can’t believe how great of a resource it is! I’ve already sent it to a printer. This is a resource I’ve been looking for, easy to navigate and thorough! Lots of places to write in personal uses and experience. Definitely worth the money!

    Nadia C.

    Essential Oil Binder


    The Essential Oi Binder is well-researched and well thought out. There was a lot of care and time spent to create this incredible resource! It is filled with great, helpful information to make the best decisions when choosing essential oils for my recipes! I have already picked out several recipes to make! Thank you, Kresha!